Spanien (inkl. Mallorca)



SUMMER FAMILY IN CASTELLON CITY – HF Garcia. They have two kids who are 11 (b) and 6.5 years old (g). They are looking for a normal au pair who introduces English to them during June, only 1 month stay. The kids will still go to school until around June 20th, so that the au pair will have mornings free. They don’t need a driver and would accept a smoker.

SUMMER FAMILY – HF Carmela in Fuerteventura!!!! Canary Islands!!!!! Paradise location for the summer. I know the family and they are happy, surf lovers, active and open minded. They have three kids: 11 (g), 8 (b) and 1 (b). Both parents have a printing firma, so timetable is flexible. They want the au pair to speak in English to their kids at all times, have a dog and need a driver. Dates: 1/8 – 1/9 (1 month).

NEW ACADEMIC YEAR – HF Espiñeira in Murcia (Spain mainland) – returning family. This is a busy family with three girls who are 11, 8 and 5 years old at present. The family has a dog (Golden Retriever) and lives in a residential area. They need a confident driver and non smoker please. They speak French, English, Italian and Spanish, of course, and would like an au pair who speaks any of those. Their present au pair is French and is still with them. I am pretty sure she would be happy to speak to potential candidates. They already have had 4 au pairs with us and everything always went well. Dates: end of August 2014 – June 2015.